ifferent strokes for different folks: Manufacturers’ tailored responses to powerful supply chain partners-Shanling Li (加拿大麦吉尔大学)

 主  题:Different strokes for different folks: Manufacturers’ tailored responses to powerful supply chain partners

内容简介:How do manufacturers respond to the dominance of stronger suppliers and/or customers within supply chain relationships? The extant literature on power in supply chains has focused on more powerful players that control and influence the behavior of weaker actors. The latter group has been portrayed as passive targets and their role as decision makers has been left largely unexamined. In contrast, we take the perspective of the weaker manufacturers and find that they counteract the dominance of more powerful partners by using distinctive strategies depending on the source of the power (suppliers or customers). Specifically, they often adopt exploration strategies to countervail the power dominance of suppliers, and exploitation strategies to deal with more powerful customers. In dealing with both dominant suppliers and customers, weaker manufacturers are prone to pursue exploration and exploitation strategies simultaneously and hence, become ambidextrous. In addition, we also determine exactly how manufacturers’ responses to powerful partners are moderated by the external competitive intensity and by their internal resources.

报告人:Shanling Li    教授    博导

时  间:2017-06-27    13:30

地  点:位育楼117