State Owned Enterprises, Hukou and Wages in China-沈凯玲 (澳大利亚国立大学)

 主  题:State Owned Enterprises, Hukou and Wages in China

内容简介:This study empirically examines the differential impacts of SOE vs. private sectors on individual labor income using both firm level and worker level micro data. In particular, the wage outcomes of rural and urban hukou workers are allowed to be affected differently by these two sectors. The preliminary results indicate higher asset level of the private sector is correlated with higher wages for both local and migrant urban workers, while higher asset level of the SOE sector is only correlated with higher wages for local urban workers. To explain such empirical findings, a Roy model with limited and unilateral labor mobility between the SOE and private sector is proposed.

报告人:沈凯玲    博士

时  间:2017-06-22    10:00

地  点:位育楼117

举办单位:经济与金融研究院  科研部