Environmental Regulation and Firm-Level Productivity in China: Estimates from a Regression Discontinuity Design-张炳 (南京大学环境学院)

 主  题:    Environmental Regulation and Firm-Level Productivity in China: Estimates from a Regression Discontinuity Design

内容简介:This study estimates the causal effect of environmental regulation on firm productivity in a novel regression discontinuity design. We compare TFP levels between upstream and downstream firms that are spatially adjacent to water quality monitoring stations in China, and find that upstream polluting firms’ TFP is 26.7% lower than their downstream counterfactual due to tighter environmental monitoring. Private firms and old firms suffer most from tighter pollution control. The estimated TFP loss is about 1.73%–2.42% for a 10% abatement in chemical oxygen demand (COD) emissions.

报告人:张炳    教授

时  间:2017-06-21    10:00

地  点:位育楼117

举办单位:经济与金融研究院  研究院